Jeremy Browning, CEO and Co-Founder


Before co-founding Scorpius, Jeremy graduated high school at 16. Afterwards, he attended college for two years with a focus on Information Security. He then accepted an internship offer in the IT industry at the age of 18. It took him less than 5 weeks to get hired on full time. He was promoted several times in his few years there before moving on to work in the IT department for a manufacturing company. In his time working in the field prior to co-founding Scorpius, he lead successful implementations of automated workflows to automate business processes, created a successful security operations center (SOC) from scratch at two companies, and greatly improved the efficiency, security, and value of the information technology systems of over 45 companies. Among Jeremy’s other accomplishments are:

  1. Reviewing and correctly diagnosing over 2000 email-borne threats with a 100% accuracy rate
  2. Reviewing and correctly diagnosing over 500 endpoint based threats with a 100% accuracy rate
  3. Implementing security stacks that have stopped the attacks of powerful hacking groups
  4. Managing and completing over 100 successful cybersecurity, IT, and automation projects